Victor Sofia

Hello, I am Victor Sofia

Senior Business Consultant


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Victor possesses tremendous business knowledge, analytical skills and strategic planning expertise and his clients can always rely on him to fully understand their circumstances and to help them solve their challenges effectively and efficiently. Now more than ever, in this ever-changing and increasingly complex business climate, Victor understands the difficult task business owners face trying to make sense of compliance laws and how to manage operations in areas ranging from Insurance, Payroll, and Employee Benefits to PEO Services and more, and he makes it his mission to provide the most cost-effective and comprehensive solutions to meet their needs and achieve their goals, allowing them to focus more on their business mission and the aspects of their business that they do best. Victor is experienced and adept at solving the scope of challenges that businesses small and large, local and nationwide face.

For the past 20 years, Victor has been delivering valuable solutions to businesses as part of the team at PCG where he is backed by the full support of a collaborative group of expert professionals and business resources and has full access to advanced technology.

To optimize his ability to serve business owners with complete customer satisfaction, he formed an alliance with co-worker, Samantha (Sam) Hagy to combine their strengths and skills. Sam is proficient at the administrative tasks, sales support, and customer relations, while Victor has the extensive industry knowledge, resourcefulness, and strategic acumen to fully meet the needs of each client.

According to PCG Owner, Frankie VanDeBoe, “With this partnership, you get the best of both worlds. Any company will greatly benefit from these two highly skilled and sincerely caring partners going to bat for them. They will review and analyze a company’s needs at no charge. All it takes is a phone call and they will roll up their sleeves and go right to work for you.”

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