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One sure sign of an exceptional individual is someone who has the love, respect and admiration of his long-time co-workers and clients. Mike Martin is one of those truly exceptional individuals. As a recently retired Senior Business Consultant at Virtual Business Services (VBS), Mike’s influence and commitment to excellence still serve as an inspiration for all of his former business associates and clients.

In retirement, Mike is living his dream on a 6-acre farm in Lithia, happy and content. However, he is still loyal to his customers, his former co-workers and to the company, VBS, where he worked for close to 20 years.

Over the years, Mike created so much trust and mutual loyalty with his customers and affiliated agents that his services are still in demand, and he continues to consult with them and helps them with their business needs. “I always went above and beyond for the customer, treating them as I would want to be treated and in doing so, I’ve made a lot of friends, and I have customers who have been with me for over 30 years.

One of those customers became my best friend, and when he was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident, I stepped up to help his wife manage and grow the business that they had shared together,” stated Mike.

He continued, “My philosophy in business and in life is, do the right thing, be fair, honest and respectful of others. When asked for advice by my co-workers, I emphasized the importance of good faith listening to the customer so that you can really uncover and process appropriately what their challenges are, then do everything in your power to help them. If you make a mistake, it’s how you handle that mistake that will set you apart and build trust. A lot of times, we are the difference as to whether or not someone can move forward with their business. If there’s something you can’t help a customer with, go the extra mile, do the research and stick with them until you put them in the direction of someone who can help them.”

All of this and more are the reasons that Mike’s co-workers and clients place him at the top of the list of exceptional people and have nothing but wonderful things to say about him.

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