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Plumbers! Plan on Problems to Protect Yourself

Most people starting a plumbing business understand that they need to follow state and local regulations when working.  Sending out licensed plumbers will assure customers that all the work will be up to code and the employees will follow proper procedure.  This is a proper way to build a good business.  To protect both the business and the assets every plumbing company needs workers’ compensation insurance and to be bonded.  These are 2 responsible steps to take that will cost ...

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A Closer Look at Electricians…

Many electricians dream of staring a small business, but they need to understand how to lay the groundwork and make the best use of scarce resources. If the proper foundation is not put in place the business can fail especially during tough economic times.

One of the most important but least understood aspects of starting a business is Worker Compensation. Workers’ compensation insurance will pay employees who get injured on the job.  The only state in the United States that doesn’t ...

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Reduce Your Business Risk by Increasing Communication

Communication is a critical component to reducing the risk of work related injuries or accidents but many small business owners take for granted that this is common knowledge. Don’t make the costly mistake of assuming anything. Instead, follow these quick steps to make sure you reduce workers compensation risk by increasing communication:

  1. Make sure employees and managers understand what is expected and what is not tolerated at the job; for example, drug policies, horse-play, accident reporting and other related issues.
  2. Have a ...
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Why Choose Work Comp Co-Op?

Dealing with workers compensation and other small business insurance is a complex, time consuming and frustrating task that most small business owners dread. The Workers Comp Co-Op (WCCOP) understands and is here to help. With over 100 years of combined experience and satisfied clients located throughout the nation, WCCOP makes it easy for you to obtain the insurance you need at a price you can afford. Our representatives begin by carefully analyzing your company, the industry and state requirements, classification ...

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Painting Pressures: House Painting Has Worries

Running a house painting business is a great way to make money even during a downturn in the economy; many homeowners and business owners alike are looking for ways to spruce up a building rather than sell it – or seeking to attract buyers and business.  If you enjoy physical labor in the outdoors, house painting is a great option.  House painting is not a solo proposition.  In order to be efficient the painting company ...

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